Psychometric Assessment for Regulatory Services Personnel

Welcome to the Regulatory Services Test (RST) user-site. This site is intended as a resource for existing users of the RST, those who are considering using it and those who have been asked to take it. It contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), guidance about how to start using the RST, testimonials from organisations that have used the RST, case studies, articles, news, updates and additional resources.

The RST is a thoroughly researched, fair and objective psychometric assessment of an individual's suitability for regulatory work. The RST was primarily designed for use as an assessment and selection tool. It can also be used in the development context, e.g. when providing job applicants with feedback. It is suitable for use with any role which has a regulatory component, e.g.:

  • Trading Standards
  • Environmental Health
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Standards
  • Building Control
  • Licensing

The RST's primary objective is to help organisations make better, more informed selection decisions, thereby contributing to raising standards in the regulatory services sector.

Latest Blog Posts

Recruitment of a Trainee Trading Standards Officer

In the autumn of 2015, DWHRC were contacted by Sandra Harkness, Service Manager for Trading Standards at Dumfries & Galloway Council, to assist with the recruitment process for a Trainee Trading Standards Officer (TSO). [read more]

Developing the RST

The RST was originally launched in 2007, with various interim reviews being carried out in subsequent years, most notably in 2011. Best practice with any psychometric assessment requires that a systematic review be carried out from time-to-time and a thorough developmental process is now underway, with the ultimate aim of creating “RST2”. [read more]